Monday, June 9, 2008

Wedding Hub-Ub and....

Whew! We are now just under the 3 month mark for the wedding and activity has picked up dramatically! We have been given 3 books to read for "self improvement", if you will. I'm excited to get started on them, but at the same time stressed that they are, well, kind of takes the fun out of reading a bit. But, that being said, I'm excited and feeling fully replenished and ready to jump in head first. I guess you could say that Tim gives me the ability to have that energy and actually encourages it.

June will be filled with invitation planning, tuxedo finalizing, menu stuff, and vacation. Yikes! Vacation is approaching sooo fast and I've yet to even begin to consider what we need to pack or make a list. (Yes, I'm a list maker. I insist upon having one to pack for any trip.) There's also the little detail of figuring out what all there is to do so I have some idea of cost and such prior to our arrival. I'm excited, though, the place has a lake with a beach front and I'm really looking forward to spending some time with just "us".

It occurred to me the other day that under all of the weight, I'm not as stressed or anxious as I could be. There are definitely very tense moments, but overrall I'm just trying to take things in stride (check with me next Thursday when I'm trying to throw together last minute stuff for the trip....things'll probably be different then :o) But, we are still having fun and I'm trying very hard to remember patience and to relax. God is there for me....I just need to remember that and be mindful that He is with me always.