Thursday, November 6, 2008

Are We Different?

So, I am sitting here today trying to figure out where time has gone. There is a song called "Don't Blink". Well, it seems that is what I have done in some way. Time seems to be flying by at such rapid rates. Every year seems shorter and shorter in some way. And, through it all I am left with the question of "What did I DO this year? Did I really have an impact? Did my life make a difference?"

Some days, I feel on top of the world and on top of my games and can truly say...YUP! I had an impact. I suppose also that it depends upon how big your impact must be before you think it makes a difference. Does that make sense?

Often what we don't realize is that even a smile to a passerby may have a huge impact on that person's life. A simple "Hello" and you've possibly made their day. Sometimes, God has placed people in our lives to lend encouragement (sometimes without even knowing it). Man! We do have an awesome God. Sometimes, it is the things around us that He has given us.

For me, it is the huge Maple tree that I pass on my way home...majestic and colorful. Although it is not my property, it is like God placed that tree there just for me. It brightens my day and cheers me up. Or, the squirrels that play in the yards I drive past. I can honestly say that I think the squirrel is one of the best animals He created. It is hard not to chuckle (or even smile) when one looks at a squirrel with their tail flitting or when they run through the grass.

BUT, I'm left with the pondering thought....why don't I notice this stuff every day? Why don't I appreciate His creations all the time? Have we become a society that is so busy that we take the creations of our Lord for granted. Have we become so distracted from what REALLY matters? I think to some degree we have.

Today, I urge you to go out and smile to at least 3 people you don't even know...take 20 minutes to just observe nature and His creations and then spend just a few minutes saying "Lord, thank you for everything. I would be nothing if it weren't for you."