Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Life in the Fast Lane?

Ahhh...we are back from vacation. It was...nice.

Well, just an update on the whole packing thing for you. No, I didn't get my list done Thursday before leaving; nor did I get the grocery shopping done. I opted to lay low and just go to sleep when I felt tired (something about knowing that the week would be busy?). So, Friday morning was filled with an early start to finish the list, round up every essential needed so that I would be fully prepared, and nursing Courtney's sore ear. Did I mention that she had what appeared to be a swimmer's ear or ear infection that required her to come home early from day care? So, in the early morning hours of desperation, I started roaming the house with my list. It probably would have been funny to the onlooker...me carrying a laundry basket to the bathroom to get the shampoo, conditioner, soap, sunscreen, etc. and basically emptying the medicine cabinet of every possible medicine that we "might" need over the week. Yes, it was only Altoona and there are stores, but if you know me then you know that it was an essential item to pack. So, before making the call to the doctor I instruct Courtney to just try to clean her ears out to "see". The result was an ecstatic child who informed me (in very loud words): "I CAN HEAR! IT DOESN'T HURT ANYMORE!" I, as you might guess, was elated and continued about my work.

There were several other "issues" that made the day interesting on Friday (aka packing day). I won't go into huge detail other than the facts that we somehow misplaced the key to the car carrier and I had to "break in", we weren't sure when or how we were getting Clayton (the well-known great communication there), and things were quickly looking as though vacation was a bad idea. All in all, we hit the road for Altoona and our adventure to a new park.

The cabin was amazing and much more modern than we were used to but very nice....the park had a great view and was mainly quiet, but a little too close to civilization (the house we could see from our camp). The weather was beautiful and we all got along great considering some of the conflict that was present.

We got back home on Friday and unpacked and just tried to settle in. Saturday I awoke to a very strange feeling of being unsettled. I couldn't explain it at all....I just seemed to be having difficulty getting back into the swing of things. It was a fairly busy weekend with the Keener cookout (which was excellent!) and Tim's family reunion on Sunday afternoon. We were still using the "We're still in vacation mode." on Sunday....I guess that all ended when the alarm rang Monday morning to bring me dipping back to reality. The first goes off at 5:00 for those days that I feel awake enough to work out. The next alarm goes off at 5:15 for the slight reminder that I may want to get my butt moving. The final alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. stating: "HELLO! Get the heck up and get your shower!" Well, this was of course earlier than any day I had risen from bed for the back 10 days. Needless to say, it was 5:40 when I finally heard the alarm and realized that, however slugish, I had to get moving. Work was intense with unburying my desk.

Wish me luck today as I attempt to "get back to normal". Sometimes I'm sure that we all ask ourselves if vacation was really worth it when we return to a huge pile of things to do. Well, it definitely is, which is why I insist upon going. Those bonding times with the family are worth a little stress on both sides of it!.....just gotta remember to breathe!

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