Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Feeling Sentimental it's been a bit over a month since I decided to write anything. Things have been pretty busy. Tim and I are down to 25 days to go until the wedding and there is a flurry of activity happening. It seems that there was a period of about 3 months of quiet and now we are kind of in this storm--busy, but wonderful.

We got to spend the summer with Clayton and that was good. It is always hard for me to hug him goodbye and know that I won't see him again for another month. I'm so pleased that he will be able to be in the wedding and have a part of such a special day. I only hope that he is feeling proud to have that place as well.

With everything going on, I have been feeling extremely sentimental these past few days. I'm not sure what exactly it is. Monday morning, I was greated with pictures of my beautiful little girl on my email. She is 10 now and it seems like just yesterday I was watching her walk for the first time. Now, she's talking about clothes and hair like she is already a teenager. Wow! But, I am truly blessed to have her in my life. She is alot like me, which causes disputes that happen on a regular basis. She is stubborn and strong willed - this is where we are similar and this is what causes arguements that tend to escalate. But, she has a quality that I'm not sure where she got...she has this huge, giving heart. It's one of the things that I truly love about her (that and the gorgeous freckles). God has blessed me in countless ways.

Getting to know Clayton as an adult, I see the same sort of giving spirit. I see a gentleness about him beneath the surface. Sure, he tries to go for the tough-guy exterior, but it does exist. He is becoming quite the young man as well and is truly as smart as a whip in both math and science. He is my miracle child...born at 4 lbs. 6 oz. and 2 months early. He spent the first month of his life in NICU on machines, under jaundice lights, and being poked and proded several times a day. At a week or so old, he received a full blood transfusion because his cell counts just were not high enough. He's a fighter, that's for sure.

I look back on some of the decisions that I've made in my life. Some, I look at and feel ashamed or remiss. Others, I look back and feel honored that those decisions (even if they were hard) molded me into the person I am today. Although my path was sometimes rocky, God paved a way for me to get through it. He laughed with me when I laughed and he cried with me when I cried, rejoicing in the fact that He had a plan.


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