Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Connected....but Not Really Community?-TAKE 2

Ok, so I jumped the gun a little last week and posted my #letsblogoff topic too soon. Yes, I did wonder why no one else had a stream going of posts, but somehow convinced myself that I was just in stealth mode and got there first. Dreamland, right?

P.S. Since my post, I've decided that being an introvert excludes me from many things and that if I can be outgoing once I'm in a group of people I know, I can be outgoing in a group of people I've never met. The challenge is set and I refuse to be one of the statistic that feels they need an internet connection all the time to keep their family together and/or friends together.

Enjoy the post (below)!

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Pam Hinton said...

Wish I could post a similar photo of my "baby" white shepherd, Sophia...so much like Lexie! Wow, what a beautiful "girl."