Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Am I Really That Person?

Amy Good (aka Splintergirl) passed due to naturally accidental causes while rescuing 3 kittens from a collapsing steel structure building when her cape failed. Had the building been timber framed the structure would have held up longer.

Oh wait…that would be the comic book version.

Before you freak out, this post is going somewhere. It is a submission to the bi-weekly Lets Blog Off topics. I found it to be a great inward look at who I am versus who I'd like to be.

Amy Good, 85, of Mount Joy, PA passed in her sleep due to natural causes. She is survived by her loving husband, Timothy, a son and daughter-in-law Clayton and Nicole, a daughter and son-in-law Courtney and Eric, 8 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

Amy was a long time member of LCBC (Lives Changed By Christ) in Manheim, PA where she continued to serve with middle school students. Amy was the retired CEO of Lancaster County Timber Frames of York, PA. She was a good friend, listener, and lived life with a heart full of passion and will be remembered for the little things – a hug here, cookies there, a listening ear or helpful act there. Those who knew Amy would know that she would not want them to dwell on sadness, but celebrate.

In lieu of flowers, it is asked that donations be made to either March of Dimes or American Cancer Society.

My word….I aspire to be all those things. This is a good reminder to be mindful of my actions...and, hey, I have 50 years to perfect it, right?

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cindy frewen wuellner said...

Amy Good, you are well named. and cookies always work. a beautiful future. cindy @urbanverse

Amy Good said...

Thanks...what would be weirdest about this exercise would be if my kids ended up with spouses by those names! I don't wish for the world to remember my name...just a select circle of friends. :)

Bob Borson said...

I have been interested to see the ages that people select as their ending points. I went with 92, how did you select 85?

Joseph said...

Being somewhat nearer the end, I tended to write what I thought would actually appear, apart from one bit of totally wishful thinking. Yours is a fun take, though.

Amy Good said...

I chose 85, because…well, it seemed like a full life, but sans any insanity or senility. Plus, I made it so my husband and children survived me…very selfish, I know. I can’t fathom feeling that loss.

Jamey @ Eco-Protective Products said...

Just can't find reliable cape makers anymore. Whatever happened to good superhero supplier apprenticeships?
Oh and I went with 90 in the post I wrote but was afraid to publish -- in response to Bob.

Amy Good said...

Gosh...I hope I age well and am a spry 85. Of course, I guess I will be if I'm still flying and saving kittens at 85 :)

Chamois said...

Sounds like a good, full life. I think 85 would be a great time to go - I imagine I'd still be somewhat lucid at that point and able to appreciate the life I'm about to leave behind.

ps - Maybe all the cape needed was a sprinkle of magic glitter from Modern Sauce? Seems to work wonders for her :)

Steve said...

Wow, this one is the first one that sounds completely normal... meaning that it's a good thing you prefaced it like you did, or people you know who don't know #letsblogoff might have quite a shock! Makes me want to say "glad you're still with us!"